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Lifetime Shingle Warranty Upgrade

FAQs About GAF's Warranty Upgrade

What changes are being made to GAF's laminated shingle warranties?
  • Effective Immediately…
    all GAF laminated shingles installed after January 1, 2011 are automatically covered by a Lifetime ltd. warranty!

  • The word "lifetime" means...
    as long as the original individual owner of a single family detached residence (or the second owner, if coverage was properly transferred during the Smart Choice® Protection Period), owns the property where the shingles are installed. See ltd. warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.

What if the product wrapper indicates that the warranty term is 30 years or 40 years?
  • Existing inventory…
    All laminated shingles are now upgraded to a lifetime ltd. warranty - even if the language on the package refers to a 30 or 40 year warranty.
  • Need proof?…
    For consumers who want proof that existing inventories are now covered by a lifetime ltd. warranty, a special certificate is available at www.gaf.com/upgrade. (Note: Use of the certificate is not required to obtain the upgraded coverage.)

Which geographies are affected? All of the United States and Canada

How is GAF able to make such
a major warranty upgrade?

This upgrade is possible due to the exceptional performance of GAF's Advanced Protection™ shingles, which we first introduced in 2007. This has resulted in…

  • Improved shingle quality…
    by redistributing asphalt to the critical weathering layer (where it's most needed!), re-formulating the self-seal adhesive, and enhancing the fiberglass mat.
  • Improved wind performance…
    all shingles now pass ASTM D3161 Class F 110 mph and D7158 Class H 150 mph, the highest ratings available (testing performed by Underwriters Laboratories, a respected, independent organization).
  • Improved environmental impact…
    due to lower unnecessary material usage.

Will product names be changing?
During 2011, the following product name changes will be made:
Current Name Future Name
Timberline® Prestique® 30 Timberline® HD™
Timberline® Prestique® 40 Being discontinued
Timberline® Prestique® Lifetime Timberline® Ultra HD™
Camelot® 30 Camelot® II
Timberline® Majestic™ 30
(available in limited areas only)
Timberline® Majestic™
(available in limited areas only)
Note: Other than the five products listed above, no other product names will be changing!

When will updated product wrappers and shrouds begin to appear in the marketplace with the Future Names and warranties? Updated wrappers and shrouds will be phased in during Q2/Q3, 2011.

What names do I use in the meantime to place orders? You can place orders for product using the Current or Future Names. For the time being, our invoices and statements will reflect the Current Names. At some point in 2011, our invoices and statements will begin to use the Future Names. We will advise you when that will occur.

Have the products themselves changed? No, other than our normal ongoing process of continuous improvement, the products are essentially the same. Therefore, they do NOT require a Do-Not-Mix. GAF is upgrading its warranties based on its Advanced Protection™ shingle design that was phased in beginning in 2007.

Do I get a Lifetime ltd. warranty on products carrying 30 and 40 year warranties that were installed in 2010? No. While there is essentially no physical difference in product installed in 2011 vs. 2010, we wanted to select a single upgrade date and chose a time of the year when installations are relatively low to make this change.

Why should I continue to install products labeled as having a 30 or 40 year warranty term? Because these products now carry a lifetime limited warranty, subject to the terms of our lifetime ltd. warranty for all laminated shingles.

What is happening to three-tab (strip) shingles? Three-tab shingle warranties remain unchanged.

If all laminates carry a lifetime warranty, why buy Designer Lifetime shingles? Because of their exceptional appearance! Besides being especially durable, Designer Lifetime shingles are beautiful, stylish, and their extra thickness gives them added dimensionality. For instance, Timberline® Ultra HD™ (currently known as Timberline® Prestique® Lifetime) has been designed for added dimensionality (it's up to 50% thicker than Timberline® HD™)

Where can I get more information?
  • GAF Website…
    all of the new warranties are available for download at www.gaf.com/upgrade
  • Contact…
    Your local GAF territory manager or national accounts manager or call your customer service representative.